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your 1st 3 to 9 ebooks
monthly subscription


$US 16,99/month

Cancel any time
after your first pre-ordered month.

 Ready to pre-order

your first subscription month? 

As this is a pre-order, your subscription will not be active immediately and you will not be charged for the second month of subscription until the first has been consumed.


We are waiting to get our first 1000 English reading subscribers before activating subscriptions.

If we do not get them, we will not launch BOOBOX in the USA and we will refund all pre-ordered subscriptions.

 Swap program included 

No risk of being disappointed when receiving a book: with a simple click, swap those you don't like or those you have already read and receive new ones instead.

 Multi-screen included 


Reading on all screens: smartphone, tablet, computer and e-readers of all brands.


your 1st 3 to 9 ebooks
monthly subscription


$US 16,99/month

Cancel any time
after your first pre-ordered month.

 The ebooks box 
 already #1 in 5 countries 
 soon available in English! 

Pre-order your first monthly subscription.

As soon as we reach 1000 English subscribers, we will launch this version of our subscription box!

Only then will you start to receive your new books.

0 English readers subscription pre-ordered

1000 English readers subscription pre-ordered 🎉

BOOBOX subscription is compatible with all brands of e-readers,  even with Kindle. 


 Set your preferences 


Choose the number of novels you want to receive and select keywords that match your literary tastes.


It could be #adventure #love and #roadtrip or #fantasy #magic and #vampire.


Let us do it! 


Depending on your preferences, our amazing team will select novels tailored for you!


To maintain the surprise effect, your ebooks will be delivered to your library at random dates throughout the month.




Discover the novels you have received as well as their value: the sum of the public prices of the novels received will always be higher than the price paid!

Frequently  asked  questions.


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